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perfect city postcard design

The Perfect City

client: personal project / social campaign

cathegory: ilustration / poster design / art direction 

​'The perfect city' is the result of analysis of urbanization process, showing the relationship between humans and the urban space. 
The project relates to the issues of gated communities, visual pollution, congestion, roads excess within inner cities, lack of space for pedestrians and cyclists, air pollution, architectural and urban disorder, suburbanization. 


'The perfect city' project is an effort to answer some of the essential questions: What is the effect of all those processes and how big impact they make to the mentality of society. Do people resist or they approve, do they analyze or just go with the flow? What are their aims, where do they head for? The conclusion hidden in my abstract visual compositions is a critical comment of the status quo, it is my manifesto, my scream of powerlessness. The sad conclusion of my research shows city as a dehumanized, mechanized and commercialized creature. Space for human beings is getting smaller and smaller, so they are forced to fight more and more for their own interest and for the public spaces which are not public anymore. The city becomes a venal institution that cares more about self-interest than the interests of society. Human seems to be so little and so insignificant, so lonely and lost at the times of constant changes and investments: banks, shopping malls and corporate buildings are overtaking abandoned areas, dehumanizing the city space.

Obvious results of those processes include privatization of public spaces, visual contamination and many others. Obtrusive advertisements spread among the city, huge banners cover the whole buildings hiding the real picture of the city and architecture. 

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